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Hi all! Here comes the very first post of the blog and for the first week, I will be introducing Ultra Rapid Fire game mode of League of Legends. I do not know that if there are any League fans here, but I am a super fan to this game mode! By the way, this is my League of Legends account, feel free to add me and let’s play together with me! ID: Skyhahaho

Ultra Rapid Fire is a Featured Game Mode that was first introduced for April Fools’ Day, it grants all players 80% cooldown reduction and removes ability costs. This game mode takes place in Summoner’s Rift Map and it’s all random draft which includes the Reroll Bench. Players have access to champions from the last 3 Free Rotations plus any owned champions.

There are some features of this game mode:

  • Champion cannon: Just outside each fountain is a champion cannon that you can jump in and use to launch yourself great distances across the map. The cannon can help you get to the action in an instant, but aim carefully, enemies will get a warning that you’re dropping in. The champion cannon deals 120-460 (based on level) magic damage upon landing.
  • Minion gold: When minions die you get a chunk of gold whether you last hit them or not. Additionally, last hitting a minion grants more gold.
  • Early surrender: can now unanimously surrender at 8 minutes or normal surrender at 10 minutes.
  • Turret Plating disintegrates at 6 minutes instead of 14 minutes. Turret plate health changed to 500-1500, based on the plate and the gold of it increased to 300!
This shows how you use the champion cannon and it shows how many golds you going to have when killing minions when you are level 21!

It is a really fun mode that I loved the most out of League! And here is a friendly reminder that if you are playing just try hard and win every single game and expect these games to be fair: DO NOT PLAY THIS MODE! I mean sometimes you will be very angry playing this mode because there will be super unfair champions’ combo… Riot did try to make them fair but realistically they don’t and they cannot control how the game will be balanced. So it is just really for fun lol! I will be providing four fun, short and interesting game videos that myself playing urf games next week, please look forward to that and don’t forget to check out my game live on Twitch account:


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