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Hi! For today’s blog post I would like to introduce another featured gaming mode in League of Legends which is One for All. One for All was a limited-time game mode in League of Legends. Players battle in a 5v5 match in Summoner’s Rift map similar to Classic mode, with the only difference being that all champions on each team are the same.

The process for selecting champions in One for All is called Vote Pick, which follows the Custom Game Iteration of Draft Pick. After banning champions, each player will have a chance to vote with their team and to decide which champion will be played by the whole team. Players may pick any champion in their team’s pool of champions (owned and free). If all players or the majority pick (3 votes) the same champion, then the whole team has to play as that champion. In the case that no champion won a clear majority then a random champion will be assigned from the pool of votes.

Game of 10 Yuumi(s)

Yuumi is originally a magical cat as a support role in normal games. She can attach on every allied champion after a 0.25-second channel. While attached, she follows her Anchor’s movement and becomes untargetable. She is also disarmed and retains the ability to cast. She can also heal herself or her Anchor and gain 15% bonus movement speed and bonus attack speed for 3 seconds. For One for All game mode, we could have 2-3 Yuumi ADs with 2-3 Yuumi support. I planned to play as support that day but I first get a double kill so I would rather go for AD and that was really powerful!!!

I hope you like my post discussing One for All gaming mode in League of Legends. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to write them down below. Do not forget to check out my game lives and chat with me on Twitch!

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