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For the last peer review, I had a chance to review Natasha’s blog which named as Beyond the Curriculum about stories of a 3rd Grade Classroom! Click here to check that out and here is the URL of her blog:

As the last peer review is related to marketability, then let’s first define it. Marketability may apply to things or people. When it applies to the blog, we are talking about the ability to be marketed or let say viewed. I would say Natasha’s blog has high marketability.

As I read Natasha’s process post 5 about the intended audience, she stated that she was thinking about going into the teaching profession but she realized that it might be better to target students currently in schooling. She also raised that her content might towards more high-school to university students.

No matter age groups, I think Natasha’s target audience, would-be students. As a university student I clicked into the blog, I flashed back how I was when I was 3rd Grade. Everything in her blog is visually appealing, the colour tone is warm with all the cartoon videos and the bolded headings. There is also a welcoming message at the front page that said: “please take a seat anywhere you like”. This makes me fall into the world of her blog! What I got from the front page is the attractiveness, I would like to explore more if I had a chance.

I really like Gertz (2015) points out that the best and worst thing about the information age is the ability and our penchant for sharing every damn thought that enters our minds. When designing, testing, and marketing our digital products, we feel compelled to blog our findings, tweet our opinions, and speak about the shit that works and doesn’t work. Natasha’s blog shares her thoughts and daily life regarding school and her experiences volunteering in a 3rd-grade classroom. I really like her sharing and thoughts, although it is unique, Natasha brings that to us. This rises marketability to audiences because not everyone has volunteering experiences. We are faced with massive information literacy problems, as shown by the complete inability of students and adults to identify fake stories, misinformation, disinformation, and other forms of spin.  (Caulfield, 2016). What brings marketability to Natasha’s blog is the unique experiences of her and it is very appealing.

However, what I think can improve marketability is that the navigation of the blog because I found that Natasha puts all the process posts in one post but not separating them and it might be confused to audiences. If someone would like to read the most updated post then he will need to scroll all the way down as there is only one post for all the process posts as well as all the Posiel parts. I suggest separate them into different posts so her audiences will easily find what they would like to read.

To sum up, I enjoy reading Natasha’s blog and I think it has very good marketability in the student’s community. I am glad that I had a chance reading Natasha’s blog and it is very interesting! I hope this peer review helps her to work better on her blog and I am looking forward to the ongoing progress! Good luck Natasha!

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