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Transmedia is a narrative that extends beyond multiple media forms that also play to the strength those forms and it may or may not be interactive. Plural form of the singular mediummedia are simply ‘ways’ of communicating ideas and is a cause and effect of digital literacy: letters, novels, magazines, emails, paintings, videos, and countless other forms can be considered media. It can come in classic or modern forms, formal and informal, all boiling down to the basic human need to communicate.

The various types of transmedia can be thought of apps, podcasts, blog, comic, e-book, physical or digital events, games, videos, QR codes feature and short films or series and web pages. If I need to incorporate more transmedia integration into my online publication, it will definitely be games and videos! As my blog is a gaming related site, games and videos will be a perfect match with my blog. I guess considering gaming live or incorporating gaming tips are good too!

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