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For peer review 1, I am glad that I had a chance to review Lara’s blog which named as “Everything Trabzonspor”. Click here to check that out. Here is the URL of her blog:

Firstly, I would like to discuss the design and layout of her blog. I would say clearness is the strongest feature of her blog. The menu and the categories she had make it easy to perceive or understand what can read or what the related posts are. I also like the way she put the football logo on the front page of the blog to emphasize that she is a huge fan of Trabzonspor Football Club. As the whole blog website is grey, white and blue, the red logo stands out from that! About the overall design, I think it is too simple or too formal for a football club blog. The way that a football team blog should go more energetic, enthusiastic, or maybe colourful. I suggest using more colours to attract audiences and also use more supplement graphics for posts and front page. The grey background offers your blog a depressing feeling as this is not what should be for a football team! Also, those words with blue colour on a grey background make it difficult to see.

Secondly, I would like to discuss the content of the blog. I like the way she writes as she is very honest to her audiences online. As Lara said in her second process post that it is extremely challenging for her to create her personal cyberinfrastructure online. She is only linked to her best friends and family, other than that her only interest in social media would be the news of the football team! According to Suler (2004), he discusses that “When people have the opportunity to separate their actions from their real-world and identity, they feel less vulnerable about opening up. Whatever they say or do can’t be directly linked to the rest of their lives. They don’t have to own their behaviour by acknowledging it within the full context of who they “really” are.” Everyone can build up a “fake” identity or personal image online as it is anonymous. But Lara does reflect “the real self” online as she is very truthful about her social media and she does not need to pretend to be interested in everything she does not like. Other than that, I also like the way that she is quite conversational in her blog. As this is a blog, it does not require formal academic writing style. Being interactive could draw attention from readers and audiences.

For the overall posts of her blog, I think it will be kind of too short to share all the thoughts about social media or about the football team within 200 words. Also, the content of each post is not closely related to our weekly process post assignment. For example, process post 1 only provides a brief introduction of herself but not much talking about our week 1 material that we are asked to make a post reflecting and commenting on the stranger encounter. Also for week 2 and 3, we are supposed to discuss the design and layout of our blog, but she did not talk about it. I think the biggest problem having now is the blog posts because there are no blog posts for me to review. The blog is missing a lot of content and posts. I suggest to catch up faster as we have our blog posts and process posts each week to work on.

To conclude, I define Lara as “the real self” online as most of the content she wrote is about her favourite football team Trabzonspor. According to Campbell (2009),  “Cyberinfrastructure is something more specific than the network itself, but it is something more general than a tool or a resource developed for a particular project, a range of projects, or, even more broadly, for a particular discipline.” All the online behaviours and Lara’s work reflect her as a real self. It is specific and personal. I hope this peer review helps Lara to work better on her blog, I am looking forward to the on-going progress.

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