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A website that I frequently visited most is the Apple official site. Click here to check that out which is

My iPad monitor was cracked few years ago and the situation now is going worse so I would like to grab a new iPad from Apple but first compare them in the website. I visited this website and the first impression to me is technological but somehow modern and elegant. The layout of the website is really good, the spacing of it is great too. It uses all spaces from the website to show their application and devices. It is designed with different background colours but matches with some white backgrounds. It will not give you a “too much” feeling. Fonts are designed well too as they are eyecatching and you will know very fast that what is the main selling points or what is being sold to you.

While I was appreciating the layout and design of Apple, I think of a reading from posiel which is the design machines by Gertz. According to Gertz (2015), he raises an idea that without the logos, almost no one could tell which companies own which screenshots. The pattern’s become its own trademark. Just one of the popular yet mediocre ones plaguing modern screen-based design. Websites are now being created in the SAME patterns… Websites are designed as machines, which are repeatable and predictable. I do not quite agree with these companies that they design their websites repeatedly and like all copied and pasted into their websites.

Each website should have its own different design element. Every single website should be unique and unpredictable. “Copycat culture” and “Design Machines” are not people seeking nowadays.

Gertz, T. (2015). “Design Machines. How to survive in the digital Apocalypse.” July 2015. Retrieved from:

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