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I believe that everyone has their own imagined audience when constructing and sharing posts on social network sites like Facebook or blog. And for sure, I am one of them. I will always try to imagine and believe that there are people who enthusiastically listening to me or reading my posts.

When I develop this blog, I believed that my imagined audience will be young adolescence and gamers especially people who are actively online. Imagined audience informed my design and editorial decisions in several ways.

First of all, I would like my blog to be friendly and welcoming as there is a header image which is a champion of League. It is colourful and the champion looks friendly. There is also a welcoming post at the front page of my blog and that says “Hello, Gamers”. Secondly, I would like my blog to be colourful that attracts teens. Each of my posts has a different header image and there are a lot of pictures and short videos in each post. I always embedded media into words as it will not be too bored to read. Thirdly, my blog is easy and simple. There are a clear menu and drop-down menu as people who assess into the blog can be easily directed to where they want. I have also sidebars on the page, allow my page to be user-friendly.

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