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Before going to the main points of this process post, I would like to thank Chelsea for all the comments and considerations made beyond my blog! I appreciated it and would like to make some changes in my blog based on her opinions.

Personalized Blog Title

Previously, my blog named as Games and tagline with The Best Game Troller. As Chelsea stated that is not personalized and is not clear enough for readers to know what it really is. I think about it and I agreed that it is better if I rename it and be personalized. So I decided to change it to Sky’s Gaming Adventure! Play games with me and explore more on gaming tips and my gaming videos – have an adventure with me!

Text hierarchy

The textual difference is a big element in a design. Chelsea mentioned this to me a little bit and I would like to make changes to it. Reviewing on my own posts, even it comes with media like photos and videos, it is somehow boring and unclear if there is a large number of words in the same segment. Using subtitles and text sizes work better for blog posts.


Chelsea mentioned how I can work better on my menu too. Actually, before this peer review, I noticed that my menu could work better but honestly I am confused with all the customization and the system that work with this blog so I gave up on finding how to make a drop-down menu… But in the meantime, I did it! I successfully added two drop-down menus which are under Games and Posiel. I highlighted some games under Games category and I also have process posts, mini assignments, peer reviews and essays under Posiel to clarify what the readers can reach when they click on Posiel.


As Chelsea noticed, my sidebar before is not an interactive sidebar which is not clickable and just a brief list of video games that I will discuss. As she told me that it will be convenient if people could assess to different pages when there is a menu navigation sidebar. I did change it into an interactive sidebar which it can navigate people to different pages or categories when you click on either one category.

I did quite a lot of changes to my blog regarding Chelsea’s opinions and my own thoughts. I would like to thank Chelsea for inspiring me on blog designs and I hope she can develop her blog better and better in the future too!

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