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Google Analytics is a very valuable tool for building an audience. For creators, knowing how reader behaves can help to develop the best content, posting at the right time, and developing the appropriate engagement strategies. Data collected can use for better decision-making in business.  Modern big data tools increase productivity. In addition, the insights gained from those analytics often allow businesses to increase productivity more broadly throughout the company.

But on the other hand, it can be tiresome and even worrisome knowing that the data of all time are monitored whenever we go online. This may breach the privacy of the customers as their information such as purchases, online transactions, subscriptions are visible to their parent companies. The companies may exchange these useful customer databases for their mutual benefits. The information obtained using data analytics can also be misused against a group of people of a certain country or community or caste. It is very difficult to select the right data analytics tools. This is due to the fact that it requires knowledge of the tools and their accuracy in analyzing the relevant data as per applications. This increases time and cost to the company.

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